Powerboat Fleet Underway Uphill to Southeast Alaska

Rhe best way to see the Pacific Northwest, Canada and SE Alaska!  Featuring some of the best cruising grounds in the world.  The inside passage is bursting at the seams with protected waterways, reefs, glaciers, channels, bays and excellent fishing honey holes packed with wil life in their natural habitat.

If you’re a power boat owner who can run uphill at no less than 7 knots with average running time of 8.5 knots – what are you waiting for?  Join the fun, register today!

This is a power boat fleet packed with opportunities for boaters to learn from 1st hand local knowledge, seasoned trip planning insight and tips, tidal narrows strategies for transiting, tips on hitting specific narrows and passes on the 1st of the flood, anchorage tips in locations that make the boat stick on the hook, knowledge of how to clear customs, fleet communications, provisioning, best on board equipment, extra parts and gear in stock, engine room readiness and advanced underway protocol, fuel, dockage, parties, events and local celebrations authentic to the Pacific Northwest, Canada and ALASKA!

Power boat owners who prefer to travel ‘solo’ – maybe the buddy boat group uphill run is not your style-  you’re encouraged to join us in SE AK for the events, parties and festivities.  Family and friends are invited to meet us dockside at route locations.